The world’s top 10 semiconductor foundries

The world’s top ten foundries by revenue 

3Global Foundries
10DB HiTek

The global semiconductor foundry industry’s sales in the second quarter of this year grew 23.1% from the same period of the previous year, but we expect that uncertainty will increase due to the US-China trade dispute. 

The global foundry industry in the second quarter of this year did not see any significant decrease in wafer orders, and the demand from new applications increased by 23.1% compared to the same period last year. 

Looking at the sales by foundry companies in the second quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics came second, with sales up 15.7% from the same period last year to $3.78 billion (4.74 trillion won). This was a 22.8% increase over the first quarter revenue of $2.996 million.

Taiwan’s TSMC, the No. 1 by market share, is also expected to record $1.15 billion in sales, up 30.4% from last year. This is slightly lower than the 1Q sales of $10.2 billion.

The third-largest US Global Foundry announced that sales growth in the second quarter would remain at 6.9% due to the decrease in demand for automotive semiconductors and microprocessors. The expected increase in sales in the first quarter was 15.6%. 

The fourth-largest Taiwanese UMC and the fifth-largest Chinese SMIC are predicted to be up 23.9% and 19.0%, in revenues respectively. In the first quarter, the report predicted that the sales growth of these companies was 32.2% and 26.8% compared to the same period last year. 

Korean company DB HiTek maintained 10th place after the first quarter as it is expected to increase sales by $193 million, up 4.6% from last year. 

However, the foundry market is still uncertain in the second half of the year as stockpiling on the side of customers can lead to inventory adjustment strategies.