Tesla asks LG Chem to disclose carbon emission data

Tesla asked LG Chem for all carbon dioxide emission data related to battery production. The move is interpreted to emphasize that EVs are eco-friendly compared to internal combustion engines.

According to the industry sources Tesla recently asked LG Chem to share carbon emissions data until the point where battery is delivered. It seems that it is intended to dispel the claims that the carbon emissions generated from battery production and charging as well as driving electric vehicles are not much different from internal combustion engines.

Tesla needs a significant amount of time to build the required database. As one should look also at the carbon emissions by suppliers of raw materials.

An industry source said, “In the meantime, Korean companies have not been very interested in eco-sustainability.”

The reason why European electric vehicle battery maker Northvolt built a plant in Sweden is also closely related to carbon emissions. Northvolt emphasizes to its partners that building a battery plant in Sweden is to minimize carbon emissions.

European automakers are steadily requesting cooperation from raw materials companies as carbon emissions are the most important part in terms of marketing and sales of electric vehicles.

LG Chem has been supplying cylindrical batteries to Tesla since the second half of last year. First LG Chem supplied out of Nanjing plant in China, but was recently asked to expand its supply. LG Chem is in the process of converting the cylindrical battery production line in the domestic Ochang plant to fulfill Tesla’s requirements.