Super Capacitor company – Vinatech, entering stock exchange.

Vinatech, a flagship supercapacitor (quick charging device) producer, will be listed on South Korean KOSDAQ. It is the first time since 2013 that the company from Conex, securities exchange exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and venture companies, has been listed.

On the 25th, Vice President Hong Seong-hwan announced at the online company briefing that it plans to list the company on KOSDAQ in September.

Vinatech’s flagship product is a super capacitor that accounts for 90% of sales. A super capacitor is an auxiliary power supply device that stores energy and produces high power instantaneously. Provides auxiliary power when the power supply is unstable or disconnected. It is widely used in industries, vehicles, energy, and household appliances. It is applied to smart meters, automobile safety devices, solid state drives (SSD) for servers, and black boxes for vehicles.

This year, as the demand for data servers increased with Corona 19, the demand for backup supercapacitors increased. The background is that Hong Sung-hwan, executive director, said, “There was no contraction in demand due to Corona 19.” He continued, “Vinatech has the carbon technology to produce customized supercapacitors for each customer.”

Demand for electronic products is also rising. Since 2018, Vinatech has been supplying German companies with supercapacitors for vehicle safety devices in which the airbag works even in parking mode.

Vinatech has the largest market share of super capacitors under 1000 Farads (F). In 2010, a 3-volt (V) supercapacitor was also developed for the first time in the world.

Fuel cells are a new business. VINATech produces both membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for fuel cells, and supports and catalysts required for them. MEA is a key component in the stack responsible for fuel cell system output. The catalyst is subjected to a catalytic process in which platinum particles are thinly spread on the support, and the MEA is joined and delivered to the finished car company. 

“The reliability of MEA comes from the support,” Hong said. “Vinatech produces the support directly and is well received by overseas companies.” He said, “There are no specific competitors for the support”. In Korea, Hyundai Mobis receives a support and a catalyst from another company, joins MEA, and supplies it to Hyundai Kia Motors. Vinatech has four government-led government projects in the field of fuel cells.

The number of shares to be listed is 475,3300 to 5,53,300. Among these, public offerings are between 500,000 and 700,000 shares. It is expected to be listed in the second week of September. Host company is Daishin Securities. 

Founded in 1999, Vinatech is headquartered in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. Focus on product mass production and R&D. The production capacity of Bac Ninh plant in Vietnam, completed in 2018, exceeds 40%. Last year, sales were 42.7 billion won and operating profit was 6 billion won. The increase was 34% and 68%, respectively. The company expected growth this year.