Success of a start-up in semiconductor materials (CMP slurry)

Ubi Materials has completed joint development of CMP Slurry with SK Hynix and is preparing to supply the first 3D NAND flash mass production line at the Cheongju plant. Experts expected that it could be applied to mass production lines as early as the end of this year and at the latest in the first half of next year.

CMP refers to a process of flattening an insulating film or metal wiring. The semiconductor wafer is pressed against the CMP pad, and the slurry, which is an abrasive, is flowed through the pad, and then the equipment rotates the pad at high speed to achieve planarization.

The product Ubi Materials intends to supply to SK Hynix’s Cheongju plant is tungsten CMP slurry. Tungsten has high dielectric constant compared to copper, so it has good electrical conductivity. For this reason, the application rate is increasing as the widely used copper is gradually replaced.

The world’s largest CMP slurry company is Cabot Microelectronics in the United States, and has unrivaled competitiveness in tungsten CMP slurries. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are showing a trend to increase the use of domestic CMP slurry. It is reported that SK Hynix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso evaluating the CMP slurry developed by SKC, an affiliate other than Ubi materials. Samsung Electronics is expanding the use of Samsung SDI’s CMP slurry.

SK hynix selected Ubimaterials as the 2nd’technology innovation company’ in 2018. The SK hynix technology innovation company program is one of cooperation programs that support companies with high technology potential to achieve stable growth. When selected for this program, joint development and performance evaluation are carried out, followed by interest-free technology development fund loans and guarantees of minimum purchase quantities of developed products.

Ubi Materials was selected as the second technology innovation company of SK Hynix and attracted large-scale investment in recognition of its corporate value of about 50 billion won in the second half of the year.