The report presents in detail the landscape of semiconductor industry in 2020, shaped by the new trends, geopolitics and the pandemic.

Semiconductor market & industry report


Semiconductors are US fourth most important exports by value. The industry is also critical to the economies of South East Asia, as Taiwan and South Korea, being responsible for a major part of their GDPs. China’s electronic industry is dependent on semiconductor imports, the situation that Beijing tries to change with generous subsidies program. Meanwhile South Korean companies invest in semiconductor’s basic technologies aiming to cut their dependance on Japan, following on 2019’s trade tensions between the two countries. The development of the sector is fuelled by the roll out of 5G technology and server segment, spurred from demand’s of working from home among coronavirus epidemic

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Non-consensus forecasts

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In our market report on semiconductor industry you will find: 

Detailed profiles of companies

Presenting major players and new entries, threatening a position of market incumbents.

Prevailing market trends

Everything that you need to know on current state of the market, including major and emerging trends


Supply and demand estimations, 5 & 10 years forecasts

Macroeconomic environment

Politics and legislation influencing the industry

Risk assessment

Projections sensitivity analysis, assessment of risks impacting the industry growth


Discussion of major recent investments, mergers and acquisitions


What is state of the art and what constitutes a cutting edge in semiconductor industry?

 Supply chain

Analysis of supply chains to semiconductor industry. Identification of possible bottlenecks

Price: 6,110 Swiss Franc (CHF)

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