Saudi Aramco shipped 40 tons of high-grade blue ammonia to Japan for the first time

The cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Saudi Arabian National Petroleum Corporation (Saudi Aramco) and the Institute of Energy Economics of Japan (IEEJ) and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic) successfully demonstrated the production and transportation of blue ammonia from Saudi Arabia to Japan.

40 tons of high-grade blue ammonia has been shipped to Japan for zero-carbon power generation.

This announcement comes at a time when people are increasingly aware of the role that hydrogen plays in the global energy system. Ammonia is a compound composed of three parts of hydrogen and one part of nitrogen, which can contribute to meeting the world’s growing energy demand in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

The Saudi-Japanese blue ammonia supply network shows across the entire value chain: including the conversion of hydrocarbons to hydrogen and then to ammonia, and the capture of related carbon dioxide emissions.

The Saudi-Japan Blue Ammonia Supply Network overcomes the challenges associated with shipping blue ammonia to Japan for use in power plants. The 30 tons of carbon dioxide captured in the process is used for methanol production at Sabic’s Ibn-Sina plant, while 20 tons of carbon dioxide is used in Saudi Aramco’s Uthmaniyah oil field to enhance oil recovery.

This milestone highlights one of several paths in the concept of a global circular carbon economy, in which carbon dioxide emissions are reduced, removed, recycled, and reused instead of being released into the atmosphere.