Remote access to GPU by NVIDIA

Virtualization technology has emerged that can share access to graphics processing unit (GPU) for multiple people. 

On the 7th, Nvidia’s domestic distributor, Leaders Systems, announced that it will provide a 90-day free trial of’RWWN (Remote Work With NVIDIA)’, a virtual graphics processing unit (vGPU) software.

vGPU is ideal for jobs that require high graphics performance when working remotely. It needs to  be differentiated from the remote working services where only email, word processing, and presentations are available. Each virtual PC provides resources as if a graphic card was separately installed. It is able to process graphics faster than using only the central processing unit (CPU). High-performance graphics acceleration capabilities such as architecture, healthcare, environment, design and CAD are available. You can edit videos on your home desktop PC or tablet.

NVIDIA has classified the available GPUs based on the number of users. T4 for 4, RTX6000 for 6, and RTX8000 GPU for 12.

According to market research firm Gartner, 91% of US workers have plans to work remotely. Of those surveyed, 54% said poor technology and lack of infrastructure are the biggest barriers to remote work.


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