Q &A with CATL

What is CATL capacity in 2020?

The company’s production capacity in 2019 was 53GWh, and the announced production capacity under construction is 22GWh. 

How will the CATL European battery factory in Erfurt, Germany be supplied? 

The supply chain of CATL’s European projects will be a mixed model. Initially, Chinese exporters will dominate, and the local producers will supplement. Later, with the expansion of European battery supply chain, the suppliers will be mainly local, while the local part will be combining both European based foreign and Chinese suppliers.

What are CATL’s current projects under construction?

The company currently has five major production bases in the world – Ningde, Qinghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Erfurt. The main investments are 1.8 billion euros in Germany, 10 billion yuan in Cheliwan, 10 billion yuan in Yibin, 7.4 billion yuan in Jiangsu Phase III, and 4.6 billion yuan for expansion in Hubei.

What type of batteries CATL will supply to Tesla?

Mainly ternary batteries & LFP batteries. 

When will the Erfurt factory be operational?

Probably in 2021, as the construction has been slowed down by coronavirus impact.

What % of ternary batteries shipped by CATL currently are NMC 811 batteries?

Around 20%

How much batteries CATL produced and exported in 2019?

CATL 2019 sales volume was 40GWh, its production was 47GWh. Around 33GWh has been installed on Chinese market and around 2 GWh has been exported.