New Corning Gorilla Glass – Victus

Corning unveiled the new “Gorilla Glass Victors” on tempered glass on the 24th. It will be applied to Samsung Electronics smartphones for the first time.

Gorilla Glass Victors is the latest in the Corning Gorilla Glass line. In Corning’s own experiments, it did not break when dropped on a rough, hard surface at a height of 2 m. The competitor’s alumina silicate (AlSi) tempered glass broke when it fell below a height of 0.8 m.

Gorilla Glass Victors are up to twice as scratch resistant as the previous-generation Gorilla Glass 6 and up to four times higher than alumina silicate tempered glass.

Gorilla Glass has been applied to more than 8 billion devices from 45 brands worldwide.

Corning said that consumers in China, India, and the United States, the world’s three largest smartphone markets, consider durability as the second most important factor when purchasing smartphones. In Corning’s survey of more than 90,000 consumers, consumer awareness of drop performance and scratch durability has doubled in the past seven years. Respondents said durability is twice as important as screen size, camera quality, and device thickness.

“We focused on one of the improvements in glass drop performance and scratch durability, but this time we focused on improving both goals,” said John Bain Corning Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Consumer Electronics Division.