List of most common applications for different rare earths

Deng Xiaoping once said: “There is oil in the Middle East and rare earths in China.” 

Rare earths are indispensable for 1/5 of high-tech products in the world, and are also a trump card for China in international trade negotiations.

Below is a list of most common commercial applications for each rare earth:

Lanthanum is used in alloy materials, fertilizers and growth promoters for livestock

Cerium is widely used in automotive glass

Praseodymium is widely used as a ceramic pigment

Neodymium is widely used in aerospace materials and permanent magnets

Promethium provides auxiliary energy for satellites

Samarium is used in nuclear power reactors

Europium is used in lenses and LCD screen manufacturing

Gadolinium is used in medical MRI

Terbium is used in aircraft wings regulators

Erbium is used for laser rangefinder in military

Dysprosium is used in thin films and printing 

Holmium is used to make optical communication equipment

Thulium for clinical diagnosis and treatment of tumors

Ytterbium is applied in computer memory 

Lutetium is used in solid state battery 

Yttrium for making wires and aircraft components

Scandium is commonly used to make alloys