Kolen develops 64 million pixel lens

Kolen announced that it is developing three types of 64 megapixel lenses at the request of its main customer – Samsung Electronics. After the application in the premium smartphone last year, the 64 million pixel lens is increasingly being adopted in mid- to low-end products.

An official from Kolen said, “We are planning to develop and supply 3 types of 64 megapixel lenses and 1 type of 48 megapixel lenses for smartphones to be released next year,” and “We are preparing to expand factories in Vietnam.”

Earlier Kolen decided to increase a capital by 18 billion won to expand factories and production facilities in Vietnam. With the expansion of factory facilities in Vietnam, lens production is expected to increase from 6 million units per month to 13 million units per month. The proportion of 5 (P) lenses and 6P lenses also increased.

Kolen will also move part of its production facilities from its Philippine plant to its Vietnam plant. The production capacity of the Philippine plant is around 9 million lenses per month, but the operation of the facility is uncertain due to the recent spread of coronavirus.

Currently, Kolen has a design and production facility for mobile phone camera lenses, from 300,000-pixel low-pixel models to high-pixel models of 48 million or more, and wide-angle, telephoto, depth, and Time of Flight (ToF) lenses.

A Kolen official said, “In the first half of the year, there was a negative impact on sales due to coronavirus, but the lenses currently being developed will be mass-produced from the third quarter and the second half earnings should improve.”