Infostella raises new funding

Infostella Co., Ltd.,  which is involved in the development of the ground station sharing platform ” StellarStation ” for satellites , announced to complete another round of funding. 

In addition to existing investors – Airbus Ventures and Sony Innovation Fund, the other companies such as  Daiwa Energy Infrastructure Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease Co., Ltd. participated in the new round of funding, which closed at 380 million yen, which brings the total amount invested in the company to 1.24 billion yen.

This round of funding serves mainly to strengthen business development and sales competencies.

Infostella has developed a unique and competitive business model in the space industry, which connects orbiting satellites and ground stations.

Launch activities at Guiana Space Center to resume in June

On April 29th, ArianeSpace, which provides launch transportation services, will resume operations at the Guiana Space Center, which had been suspended since mid-March due to the spread of the coronavirus. 

France announced on April 28 that it is planning to relax its lockdown restrictions, and the manufacturing industry is expected to resume production. Ariane Space will work according to French national policy and health regulations.

Regarding the recent plans, the Vega rocket equipped with 50 satellites will be launched at the end of June, and the Ariane 5 for Intelsat and B-SAT will be launched at the end of July.

IST delayed launch of MOMO No. 5 at the request of local authorities

On April 29th, Interstellar Technologies (IST), which provides launch services out of Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, Japan,  announced the postponement of the launch of the observation satellite “MOMO No. 5” scheduled for May 2-6. 

Due to the coronavirus impact, the company announced on 20th that the launch of the rocket will be carried out with no audience.

However, the local community worried that many people might come to the town to see the rocket launch, and based on that the launch was postponed.

IST conducted its first launch in May last year, and it needs to operate continuously to assure continuity of business. 

Rocket Lab tests on Virginia Range

On April 29th , Rocket Lab conducted tests at its new launch facilities – “Launch Complex 2” in Wallops Island, Virginia,  which will be fully operational in the second half of 2020. 

Rocket Lab which used to launch from its complex on the Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand, announced in December 2019 that it opens the Launch Complex 2 as a launch site for missions ordered by the US Space Force.

For global rockets launching companies , availability of  multiple launch sites is also one of the ways to spread the operational risk.