The report presents in detail the landscape of batteries industry in 2020, shaped by capacities growth, not only in the area of cell production but also in cathode, anode materials and electrolyte manufacturing capacities.  European Union incentifies the creation of independent regional supply chain, while South Korea aggresively tries to expand its market share during uncertainties of pandemy.

BATTERIES market & industry report


Battery industry continues to ramp-up capacities. China dominates the landscape in terms of capacities and continues to catch-up with South Korea and Japan in terms of quality of its cells. LFP not long ago dismissed as cathode chemistry for buses & trucks, increasingly gains a market share, with its superior safety and cost advantages. NCM 811 still represents a small share of the market, amid frantic production facility build-up. 

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In our market report on battery industry you will find: 

Detailed profiles of companies

Presenting major players and projecting capacity expansions  

Prevailing market trends

Everything that you need to know on current state of the market, including major and emerging trends

Hard data & projections

We track capacities, as well as supply and demand situation

Macroeconomic environment

Politics and legislation influencing the industry

Risk assessment

Projections sensitivity analysis, assessment of risks impacting the industry growth


Discussion of major recent investments, mergers and acquisitions


What is state of the art and what constitutes a cutting edge in battery industry?

 Supply chain

Analysis of supply chains to lithium-ion battery industry. Identification of possible supply chain risks and bottlenecks. 

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