Apple unveils a new chip for Iphone 12

Apple unveiled A14 Bionic, an application processor (AP) that applies a 5 nanometer (nm) process. This chip was first applied to the new product ‘iPad Air’ announced through an online event on the 16th 2020. It will also be installed on the’iPhone 12 (tentative name)’ scheduled to be released next month.

The A14 Bionic is the first Apple AP to make a 5-nano process. The A13 Bionic, launched last year, was a 7-nano process-based chip. The foundry used was TSMC. A total of 11.8 billion transistors were built-in. The number of transistors of 8.5 billion were built in the existing product, A13 Bionic, is 40% higher. 

Apple explained the performance change compared to the A12. The CPU of the A14 has a 6 core design and 4 graphics architecture. This results in a 40% improvement in CPU performance over the A12 and a 30% improvement in graphics. When Apple announced the A13, it claimed that it was a 20% improvement over the previous generation (A12). Based on this, it is calculated that A14 is about 8.3% better than A13. 

The A14 is equipped with a new 16-core Neural Engine for processing neural networks. It is twice as fast as A12 by performing up to 11 trillion operations per second. In addition, the second-generation machine learning accelerator is installed in the CPU, which improves the machine learning speed by 10 times. The combination of a new neural engine, CPU’s machine learning accelerator, and a high-performance GPU enhances features such as image recognition, natural language learning, and motion analysis.