Advanced materials companies on Chinese stock exchanges – monthly review

Hongbo New Material through IPO strives to become a global leading manufacturer of silicon-based new materials.

On August 12, Jiangxi Hongbo New Materials Co., Ltd. (605366.SH), a leading enterprise in the silane industry, was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On the same day, Hongbo New Materials closed up 43.99% at 14,39 yuan per share, with a total market value of 4.771 billion yuan.

Mainly engaged in the research, development and sales of new silicon-based materials such as functional silanes and nano-silicon materials and other chemical additives, Jiangxi Hongbo is establishing a complete cycle supply chain from trichlorosilane, intermediates to silane coupling agents and fumed silica and other final products. Today, it has grown into an enterprise with a circular economy system and the world’s leading industrial scale in China’s sulfur-containing silane manufacturing segment.

At the same time, sulphur silane is the core raw material to ensure the characteristics of green tires.

Shijia Photonics, the first stock of Kechuang board optical chips, will gradually move to optoelectronic integration.

On August 12, Henan Shijia Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The current market value is 4.964 billion yuan, and the receivables in the most recent year are 546 million yuan. At present, Shijia Photonics has realized the localization of PLC splitter chips with more than 20 specifications. In the field of PLC splitter chips, Shijia Photonics ranks first by the global market share.

In the future, Shijia Photonics will continue to focus on the optical communication and optical connection industry. Relying on the advantages of R&D and industrialization in the field of optical devices, it will continue to optimize and innovate in the industry of optical chips and devices, indoor optical cables, and cable materials, and provide the company with domestic and international market competitiveness.

Jiayuan Technology intends to issue convertible bonds for  no more than 1.25 billion yuan for high-performance copper foil project

On August 12, the company’s total funds raised did not exceed 1.25 billion yuan, which were used for the annual output of 15,000 tons of high-performance copper foil projects, the research and development of new high-strength ultra-thin lithium battery copper foil and other key technology research and development projects.

Mergers and acquisitions in the field of wet diaphragms continues

Following the acquisition of Shanghai Enjie, Jiangxi Tongrui, and Suzhou Jieli, Enjie (002812) once again acquired the lithium battery wet process diaphragm company-Niumi Technology. 

Niumi Technology is a NEEQ listed company specializing in the production and operation of lithium battery separators. There are currently 6 lithium battery separator production lines.

The 2019 annual report of Nuimi Technology shows that the company achieved revenue of 137 million yuan last year, a year-on-year decrease of 13.37%, and a net profit loss of 221 million yuan attributable to shareholders of the listed company.

2 billion investment in Aichi formaldehyde fuel cell plant started

The methanol-hydrogen fuel cell power system plant is located in Mishan Park, Gaoping Economic and Technological Development Zone. It covers an area of 100 acres and took an investment of 2 billion yuan. It has built an annual output of 80,000 sets of methanol hydrogen fuel cell power systems.

According to the plan, Aichi’s first product equipped with methanol-hydrogen fuel cells will be put on the market in 2022 and will be gradually promoted to the domestic and overseas markets.

The Equipment and Materials Fund 

The Equipment and Materials Fund was jointly initiated and established by the National Fund, Guosheng Group, focusing on the field of integrated circuit equipment and materials, upstream and downstream enterprises in the semiconductor industry chain and other related fields, and investing globally.

Wanye Enterprise stated that this investment will use the advantages and resources of the Equipment Material Fund to further expand the company’s future development areas in the integrated circuit industry and cultivate potential M&A targets for the company.